Welcome! You have stumbled upon New York University’s best kept secret, The Plague Magazine. We are NYU’s most beloved and sole humor magazine, and this year we’re marking 40 years in print and 100 years on the Internet. This website contains an archive of every issue of the magazine to date, and we encourage you to go through them all, dissecting every word of every issue, tracking all the ways that humor has changed over time. When you’re done, you can print out the issues and observe that all the pages form a map of The United States of America. Pretty neat!

If you’d like to submit to our magazine or say hi, you can email us at

New members are always welcome, whether you’re an ambitious comedy writer currently climbing the ranks of Saturday Night Live, a energetic political speechwriter looking to humanize your resume with a college humor publication, a jock, a princess, a head case, a private investigator who’s been tipped off about what really goes on around here, a nerd, or even just an ambitious comedy writer currently climbing the ranks of Seinfeld (a show about nothing).

We meet on Mondays at 6:30 post meridiem in Rubin 110. If you’re interested in coming to a meeting just begin slipping on the trail of banana peels we have set up from your residence to our door.

What is The Plague?
The Plague is NYU's only intentionally funny publication. The Plague has been in print since 1977, and is currently being published once per semester as a glossy, sexy, full-color, 80-page magazine.
Where can I pick up a copy?
7th floor of Kimmel.
Can I join?
Sure! Join our email list on this website for exclusive access to meeting times and locations.
What kind of work do you publish?
Great work.
How do I submit?
Send written pieces to! We always respond with feedback.
How do I submit visual art?
Email your art to If you're working on a full-page visual gag or fake advertisement here's what you oughta know: the Photoshop document should be 5.25 X 7.25 inches, have a .125 inch bleed, at least a .125 inch margin, and a 350 DPI resolution. If you don't know what that means, just send us the art you've got an we'll grudgingly format it ourselves. If you want a template PSD, email
Can we advertise with you?
Only if they are humorous advertisements (e.g. Flo from Progressive, GEICO ads, or those two guys just shootin' the shit in the Sonic drive thru, boy they're kooky!)

We respect your privacy, but no promises or anything.