The Plague: Conspiracy Edition


Some call us NYU's only intentionally funny comedy magazine, some call us a collection of grifters, we call ourselves the only accurate source of world news. After months of painstaking research, collecting archival documents and spitting into strangers’ mouths, we are proud to present our CONSPIRACY EDITION.

Click around for some found writings, real actual images (NOT FAKE), the truth about the moon, facts about the various secret societies you hear about and the effects of a perfectly ascetic life. If you know where my dog is, please email

In all sincerity, this is our first fully web designed issue and the sexiest Plague thus far. It would not have been possible without the amazing work of Plague contributors, editors, and friends. Thanks to anyone who has dropped into a meeting, emailed us rudely, offered services that we do not care for and submitted pieces of work ranging from “cringe” to “poggers." Without your efforts, this would’ve been a trainwreck.

Plague wishes you luck on your journey.


Head Editor
Anna “Ketchup and Marshmallow Lunch Truther” Galperin

Web Wizard and Big Hand Man
Bela “Daniel Radcliffe/ Elijah Wood Industrial Complex Truther” Kochkarova

Bela “Daniel Radcliffe/ Elijah Wood Industrial Complex Truther” Kochkarova
Alex “Daddy’s Home 2 Truther” Gehrlein
Rebecca “Jewish American Princess and Japanese Defamation League Truther” Kaufman

All the work, none of the credit
Beth “Beth Truther” Truther "Crawford" Crawford
Harry “Massivejuultits Truther” Minsky
Duncan "Frank Sinatra Mafia Truther" Lamont
Connor “Vape Nation Replaced Atlantis Truther” DeLeon
Camilla “Mr. Bean is a Member of The Deep State Truther” Johnson
Arnav "Monster Trucks are Sentient Truther” Nayak
Jack “My Dad is Tom Hanks Truther” Gordon
Abby "Dogs are a Type of Baby Truther" Roll
Qaasim "311 Truther" Ashraf
Borb “Gorb Trorb” Orb
melon "Discord is for the Horny Truther" lord
Amber "Barefoot is Illegal Truther" Li
Nick "Webtoon Is Literature Truther" Ankuta
Victor "Gossip Girl is Real Truther" Kuang
Louis "Chucky Cheese is Chester Cheeto's Dad Truther" Cutter
Kate "13 is the New 30 Truther" Flannigan

Special Thanks
Addison Knies, Doron Rasis, Tony Schwab, Joshua Jones, Elie Doctor, D.J. DJN, Nanci Healy, COVID-19, Jeffery Bezo’s, Norm Mcdonald, Chris Moltisani